Hello winter, lets have yer!

It's time to make a plan, it's time to get excited! As the nights and mornings draw in, and colder weather starts to hit. It would be easy to get down and be unmotivated as spring/summer 2018 seems an age away. And the thought of riding in icy rain and having to spend half an... Continue Reading →

Fit and Ill

'So this is how it feels to be lonely. This how it feels to be small. This is how it feels when you word means nothing at all'  Fit and ill! an oxymoron if ever there was one. But what is ill? How do you define somebody who is sick? Do we just look for... Continue Reading →

Team Work Makes the Dream Work

Recently, four of our CC London girls took the long trip from London to Diss in Norfolk to compete in the Diss CC Road Race. A flat, fast Road Race on a small technical course. Knowing they had a strong team for the event, and wanting to get result, they discussed tactics and came up... Continue Reading →

Time Trials. What’s the fuss? 

As an introduction to time trials, below is a list of frequently asked questions that nobody has actually asked me and I have just made up. What are Time Trials? As it's name may suggest, it is a race you ride individually (unless a specific team event) over a set distance. You are timed by... Continue Reading →

Cyclocross. What’s the Fuss?

Cyclocross , as its name may suggest, is Cycling, Cross country. Away from roads, away from cars. In the mud, in the forests. In the wilds. Cyclocross started in the early 1900's as a way for Road Racing  cyclists to keep up their fitness during the winter. Over the years however, Cyclocross has grown more... Continue Reading →

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